LG 48,000 BTU Multi F MAX Inverter Heat Pump - Outdoor Unit
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LG 48,000 BTU Multi F MAX Inverter Heat Pump - Outdoor Unit

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Limited Sales: 20 Units Only

Model: LMU480HV

LG heat pump systems consist of three basic components: An inverter (variable speed) outdoor heat pump, stylish and quiet indoor units, and a conduit with piping and wiring to connect the outdoor unit to each indoor unit. Multiple indoor units allow precise indoor temperature control throughout your home and provide the ability to adjust the temperature in each area to meet your needs.

LG Multi F whole-home comfort systems provide powerful, efficient heating and cooling with up to eight indoor units operating off a single outdoor unit. In fact, most combinations are ENERGY STAR® Certified. Individual room temperature control with low operating cost are at your fingertips with LG Multi F.

Installation is easy and does not require major renovations – the pipes connecting your outdoor unit to the indoor units are small and easy to run throughout your house. Your contractor can usually install a whole home system in just a few days start-to-finish and adding an additional indoor unit down the road is simple and cost-effective. Using three or more indoor units is more cost-effective and uses less space than installing three individual single-zone systems.

Product Features:

  • Inverter variable-speed compressor on the outdoor unit for energy-saving operation
  • Defrost / De-icing capabilities
  • Restart delay of three minutes
  • Self diagnosis capabilities
  • Soft start reduces power surges to electrical systems
  • Auto operation and auto restart operation
  • Operates down to 14°F in cooling mode
  • Operates-4°F to 64°F in heating without additional low ambient controls
  • R410A refrigerant
  • Nominal Cooling Capacity : 48,000 (Btu/h)
  • Nominal Heating Capacity : 54,000 (Btu/h)
  • Refrigerant Charge (lbs) : 9.7
  • Liquid Line (OD) : 3/8" (1 Each)
  • Vapor Line (OD): 3/4" (1 Each)
  • Max Total Piping² : 475.1 ft
  • Max ODU to IDU Piping: 229.6 ft
  • Piping Length (no add'l refrigerant, ft): 147.6
  • Max Elevation between ODU and IDU: 98.4 ft
  • Max Elevation between IDU and IDU: 49.2 ft
Unit Data:
  • Refrigerant Type R410A
  • Refrigerant Control EEV
  • Sound Pressure (Cool/Heat) +/-3 dB(A) 54/56
  • Net Unit Weight (lbs) : 214
  • Shipping Weight (lbs) : 236
  • Heat Exchanger Coating GoldFin
  • Min Number of Indoor Units: 2
  • Max Number of Indoor Units: 8

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