LG Electronics Air Purifier + Shipping (To be added shipping separately)
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LG Electronics Air Purifier + Shipping (To be added shipping separately)

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The LG Livart Air Cleaner is a super powerful air purifier. It has a coverage that reaches up to 1400-1600 square foot. It contains a NPI Sterilization System that emits the Nano Plasma Ion that sterilizes over 99% of the suspended bacteria in the air. Its Platinum Deodorization System removes harmful gases and VOCs from the air, leaving it clean and fresh.

Super Powerful Air Purifier
Coverage up to 1400 ~ 1600 Square Feet.
16 Stage Main Filter System: Pre-Filter, Allergen Filter, Washable HEPA, W. Deodorization Filter, NPI Sterilization, Platinum Deodorization, AI Filter
NPI Sterilization System: Emit the Nano Plasma Ion, Sterilize the Suspended Bacteria in the Air Over 99%
Platinum Deodorization System: Remove harmful gases and the VOC's
AI Filter: Remove Avian Influeza
Easy Touch Sensor Operation - Set desired settings by touching function
Always active air cleaner unless specified in function
Easy Clean HEPA FILTER SYSTEM: High Quality Washabe Hepa Filter
Auto Diagnostic Purifying System: 2 Digital Sensors catch all polluted materials
Smart Display: Displays the Clearness Index of in-house air and automatically adjusts power level

+ Shipping (To be added shipping separately)

Made in Korea 

Model: PS-M550P

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