LG Electronics Romantic Pink Air Cleaner
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LG Electronics Romantic Pink Air Cleaner

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Compact & Powerful:
Smaller Air Purifier, but with the same power as bigger units. Coverage up to 400 Square Feet.
Filter System comes with Pre-Filter/ Hepa Filter and a Carbon Filter for Odor Removal. Never change filters as these filters are all hand washable.
Unit is a very high-efficiency energy saver only uses about 18W while on and 1W while unit is on standby.
Easy to use with a 1 button function. 1. Auto , 2. Turbo, 3. Sleep , 4. Off.
Color Changing SMART LED:
When the red light is active, the unit is cleaning the air sorrounding the unit. Once the air becomes clean, the light will change white.
Luxurious Pattern & Design:
Front design has a tempered glass stylish pattern of petals in romantic pink color. Powerful and Stylish. No bulky ugly designs like other competitors.

Made in Korea 

Color:Romantic Pink
Capacity: 400 Square Ft.
Power: 18W , Stanby : Under 1W
Filter System: Dust: Pre-Filter-Hepa Odor: Carbon
Sensor: ODOR
Display: Smart LED
Design: Tempered Glass Stylish Pattern
Dimensions (Lengh x Width x Height): 14.6 x 18.2 x 7.8 inches
Weight: 16 pounds

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